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Roomba iRobot 500/600/700 Series Front Wheel/Caster Assembly

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Product Description

Replace your worn-out or missing Roomba iRobot 500/600/700 series vacuum's front wheel / caster assembly. This item slides in to place - no tools required.

Expert Review

Review by: Laura L.
Prior to my acquaintance with Roomba iRobot 500/600/700 Series Front Wheel/Caster Assembly, I had tried all admissible forms of analog ones.Two weeks ago I stumbled upon this online shop and made a decision to give it a shot. In untested stores I customary set with outlaying marginal amounts – barely toverify and determine whether to prolong with the seller or not. I’m not the one who is fond of problems especially when it concerns pecuniary issues. I made a decision this product was something I should invest in - and actually – not much of an expenditure at that. I fairly never imagined that the article like this could be a real stroke of luck, but I was quite wrong. Who could imagine? Well, not me, apparently. in any case, it does to the letter what it is to do, and it does it OK.

The conception of Roomba iRobot 500/600/700 Series Front Wheel/Caster Assembly is so plain, and the worth so low that I was convinced it wouldn't trigger. But it does exactly what it is aimed to do. utterly worth the charge. I've sampled a great deal of items of the kind in timed past… I couldn't dream of a greater article. Respect to the vendor!

It is actually extremely well done. The style gives evidence that good looks can make infinite difference in the application of a product. I took up this one after reading the positive references and hoped they were true. They were. There are multiple pluses to this variation over the other ones I've sampled:
  • It looks nice.
  • It is affordable.
  • It’s a best quality article.
  • It completely suits its statement and doesn’t upset.

If you are in the market for an item like this, I can't fancy you'll find one greater than this one.

No buyer's disappointment; got the package at the proper time, total A+++ product. Highly recommend!
Overall Rating
Review Summary
Attractive appearance, profitable charge, superior quality and complete adequacy to the characterization. One of the best products of this modification I have ever ordered, no sorrow.
Conclusion Rating
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Customer Reviews

Kelly Young
Verified buyer
UK, New Port

no problems in use, just like i wanted

Liam Smith
Verified buyer
GR, Athens

very satisfied with the product. i recommend

Sara Brooks
Verified buyer
AU, Sydney

Met all my expectations, thanks!

Alexandra Wells
Verified buyer
AU, Sydney

superb. i love it!

Amber Watkins
Verified buyer
CZ, Prague

This webstore offers the best price for

Oliver Harris
Verified buyer
FR, Paris

Thanks! Everything is fine! A good product for a reasonable price!

Amber Rogers
Verified buyer
BE, Brussels

With a free shipping, I glad I placed an offer in this store

Amanda Martinez
Verified buyer
US, Jacksonville

To offer suct a great item for sale and to ask such a modest price for it is really nice of the seller

Melissa Martinez
Verified buyer
ES, Barcelona

Glad I could buy online. No hassle, and the quality is fine

Fiona Scott
Verified buyer
US, Sacramento

totally rad

Michelle Thompson
Verified buyer
FR, Paris

It’s priceless to find a offered on such favourable terms

Kevin Harris
Verified buyer
US, New York

I can surely say it’s the best price for for both online and offline stores

Daniel Blake
Verified buyer
ES, Madrid

not tested yet, but looks great, thanks!

William Jackson
Verified buyer
US, Chicago

I am really thankful to the seller for setting such a good price for and delivering it promptly

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